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Full-Day Workshops

Igniting a Passion for Writing

"Writing is the hardest subject to teach!" That has been Steven's outcry from the beginning of his career. In his newest seminar series, he brings his trademark energy and humor to workshops that provide teachers with both the rationale and the tools they need to become effective and inspirational teachers of writing. The goal of creating a classroom community where writers thrive instead of merely survive is his target, and he loves to watch educators become passionate as they discover their ability to make this happen for their students. This workshop series provides teachers with amazing tools for the teaching of writing; it also provides a large amount of demonstration lessons. Grades 3-12 only. The full seminar series is five days in length; however, fewer days may be organized to meet district scheduling needs.
Audience: Any instructional personnel providing direct service to students
Grades: This seminar is specifically geared to grade levels 3-12
Length: May be selected for any number of full-day seminars up to five days

In Defense of Read-Aloud

Steven Layne takes research-into-practice to a whole new level as he not only presents the argument for the use of read-aloud as a key K-12 instructional practice but also outlines and models exactly what it looks like. Participants will be energized as Steven takes them on a "deep dive" into the world of read-aloud and examines every aspect from the successful launch of a title to the factors that influence oracy and ultimately hold the greatest impact on the listening audience.
Audience: All
Length: 2-12 hours as requested

Igniting a Passion for Reading

Energetic author and award-winning educator Dr. Steven L. Layne promises a seminar to delight, empower and motivate teachers and librarians who are interested in bridging the literacy gap. The entertainment options available to young people in our fast-paced society are ever on the increase. What are we, as educators, doing to make reading books more appealing? Who's responsible for "keeping the reading lamp lit" for our young people today? Teachers - of every content area and grade level can play a part - as well as the library staff. The kids are rarely our students for only a year. In some ways, they'll be our students forever, and we care about their future. This seminar will offer practical ideas for every classroom that will keep kids reading and loving books. Great titles - old and new - will be highlighted for all grade levels.
Audience: Any instructional personnel providing direct service to students
Grades: This seminar can be modified for any set of grade levels K-12
Length: 5.5-6 Hours

"The evaluations that followed your appearance at our conference were remarkable!"

Mrs. Ellen Fockler, Conference Chair - Nevada Reading Week Project, Reno, NV

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